Software I like (and use)

Operating System

Archlinux is my favorite Linux distribution. It is a lightweight, pro-user distribution, which allows for a lot of flexibility. KISS – keep it simple stupid.
I3 is my window manager of choice. I go fed up with bulky Gnome and KDE desktop environments. So I chose a fast, tiling window manager instead. I love, love, love the tiling aspect of the window manager.

Statistical Software
R is an extremely powerful statistical language. It is an open-source object-orientated dialect of S.
RStudio is a GUI for R. Sure, I can use ESS in emacs, but man, RStudio looks beautiful and it streamlines your workflow, too. The layout makes sense and is not in your way. Check it out.
stata. What shall I say? I learned my stuff with stata and it is still one of the best statistic packages I know.
Now in version 12.1.


TeXlive is an easy way to get up and running with TeX for most flavors of Unix. It is also available for Windows and as MacTeX for MacOSX.
JabRef is an open source GUI bibliography reference manager. Since it is based on Java it is platform independent. JabRef can include other bibliographic formats like EndNote and RefWorks.
beamer provides a presentation system for LaTeX. It is a very powerful tool to design neat, clean and professional presentations.

Text Editors

GNU/Emacs is one of the best and most flexible text editors ever. Some say you have to be masochistic to use it. But it just feels right ;).
Kate is QT/KDE text editor. It provides syntax highlighting for many common computer languages including LaTeX, stata, R and many more. If I don’t use emacs, I use Kate.

For the Fun

Frozen Bubble. Bored? System Overload? Take a break. Attention! Very addictive!